Did I do the right thing or overreacting ?

I've gone out with a guy a few times over the past month. On Monday we planned to get a drink then a hotel room. So at the bar I had a few drinks but he had a lot and I only realized he did when he got to the hotel room. He started to go down on me and it was really bad I felt like he was biting my vagina or something. And he was sticking his tongue in and out of it like he was lapping up water or something . So then he got ready to enter me and I had to remind him to put a condom on. He started trying to put it in and I realized he was completely soft! But he was acting like he wasn't like still trying to put it in and not acknowledging that he was soft . So then he asked me to get on top and I did and he started like dry humping me like he was in me but he wasn't it was so bad. He asked me to suck his dick and I did but it was completely limp and so gross and he was moaning like he was having the best time. Finally I just got up and said that I should go and called an uber. He made a comment that he needed another drink ! Then when I was getting in to the Uber he asked for a kiss and I said no you have to sober up. It's been a week and neither of us have texted the other. I just don't want to talk to him anymore. Am I right to think like that?