I just need to vent to someone!


Okay so I’m home alone today (like most days now) my SO has recently started a new job since not working for about 12 months (he had some mental issues he needed to work at). I’m 29 weeks today and I feel like ALL I do is clean up after him and his brother who is currently living with us as he’s split up with his wife. I’m so hormonal and all I feel like doing is crying when I’m home alone.. all I see is a massive pile of mess and I’m already nesting and am a clean freak even before this started. I feel like if I say that it’s bothering me then his excuse will be “well I’m working now, this is what was going to happen” and to top it all off my poor doggy threw up on our rug this morning and now I gotta clean up after him too 😂😩 omg it never ends.