Sex 4 Weeks 1 Day Postpartum


So I am 4 weeks 1 Day postpartum. I was cut during delivery and required internal and external stitches. I’ve been dying for sex. (Yes I know your suppose to wait!) Well Hubby & I had sex for the first time today & it wasn’t the same for either of us. I felt really sore during and hubby said it felt loose and didn’t enjoy it as much. Before you start calling him names, I pried it out of him and know my husband well enough to know. He was also really focused on not hurting me so that might have also taken away from it. I’ve felt “very open” since weeks two and had concerns ( I even asked my OB prior to this because of my concerns) and have even more concerns after my assumptions of being really loose are confirmed. Is this the new normal that both hubby and I and it’s something we just need to get use to, or will my lady parts start to look and “feel” better? Please help. 😬 & be honest!