I Might Be Pregnant

I chested on my fiancée back in November with my Ex boyfriend. But my last period was November 2nd 2017 and it's soooo very late I was spotting last week my syptoms include:
• Bloating/Weight Gain
• Nausea
• Cramps
• Fatigue
• Tender Breasts
• Sensivity To Smell
• Weird Taste In My Mouth On Some Foods
• Cravings
• Headache
• Back Ache
• Neckache
• Sore Nipples
• Hot Flashes
I need help every test I take comes back negative I had an ultrasound done in December and on the 23rd of February I get the results, if I am not pregnant I am getting my IUD removed if I am not pregnant my fiancée and I are going to try for a baby if I am pregnant he is going raise the baby as his own which is amazing most guys don't do that they just want nothing to do with the girl