Worst costumer service experiences

My first job was McDonalds, I was not living with my parents at the time. This one day my dad came in to work he looked like he was sad he just had this look on his face like he wanted to cry I asked if he was ok he insisted that he was, anyways I got him some food to take home and he left. Later that day I was working drive-thru and my brother pulled up. I talked to him for about one minute and was kind of pocking my head out the window. My brother left and there was this old guy behind him, he pulled up and said “If you’re going to be flirting with your costumers at least wait till you’re out of work.” I said that was my brother and closed the window to cash him out. I could tell he was embarrassed but all he said after was “well im glad you still talk to your brother” 😒

My second worst experience was at my current job Tim Hortons which is basically like a Dunkin’ Donuts. There were these 2 old guys, father and son this are Itallian and did not speak much english. The old guy would always say “mama mia señora, bella” and stuff like that literally every time. Anyways one day they were there, the dad always gets a refill before he leaves. At this point everyone else working with be is in the back and the mans son is waiting for him in the car while I get his refill. He starts saying the usual stuff but then he grabs my hand and kisses it. The image I had of this man was just of a sweet, nice old man. With signals he asks if I am married and I say no. I give him his coffee back and then he does something disgusting. I was so confused at first I did not understand but he was pointing at my boobs and then sucking his finger. This man is like 60 something. As soon as I realized what he was doing I did not say or do anything I just walked to the back until he left. I felt like crying so bad. For like 2 weeks they did not go back which made me think that he knew he did something wrong and was embarrassed because they would literally go everyday. When they started going again on a regular basis I could not stand seeing them. I told the manager and everything and they offered to tell them to stop going but I wanted to think that it was not necessary, that the old man didn’t know what he was doing. It took a long time for me to actually be ok when I saw them and not want to burst out crying.

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