You Really Wanna Go There

So, my 7 weeker stopped trying to breastfeed since he was about 2 weeks old. We were having latch issues, my milk also wasn't flowing as we'd hope and we were both just miserable. After attempting to pump and try the nipple shield, we both gave up hope and I started bottle feeding. Lastnight he was really fussy, I gave him a bath, a warm bottle and turned down the lights. Still, he wouldn't settle down and kept rooting. I gave him a bit more milk but he just kept spitting up. Gave his pacifier and he only spit that out and kept on fussing. I had the crazy idea to offer my breast. Surprisingly, he latched perfectly and fell asleep within minutes. Now, I know he was simply comfort sucking and I expect to have to do this numerous times before milk comes back in, if it did come in. Lo and behold, this morning baby was rooting at my breasts again and they start hurting, next thing I know, I'm leaking. Not a whole lot or even a bottle's worth or anything but I had something. I got all excited but remembered we did nurse a bit for a couple weeks before, so he can stop at anytime again. I'm just gonna enjoy this for the time. He just burped after being on there for about 15 mins, then fell asleep 😊

It's possible mamas, just keep at it and if you both need a break, that's ok too. I literally stopped for about 5 weeks and my milk came back immediately, as baby needed. Our bodies know what needs to be done, sometimes we'll need help and that's ok. Also, we're made for this, remember wet nurses? Yea, their main role was to feed someone else's baby, sometimes not even having a baby of their own. We got this!😊👍