my story

hi everyone I would like to tell my starts off at when I was 12 I thought just because my sister had sex I had so I did I knew I just had messed up my life from then on cuz I felt dirty and depressed and just all in all bad it got worse from there I became what people call easy having one night stands at 15 all the way up to 20 at the age on 18 I was in therapy for cutting a severe depression I had such bad self worth and body problems it got so bad I wasn't eating and living off water and ments for months...then at the age of 20 I almost killed myself I and add up almost bleeding out in the sink at my home when my parents where not there....I soon starting feeling alil better and decided to go back to collage it was going good untill I wasn't making friend and I sliped back into my old ways I thought I would never find friends or love for that matter but that changed when I meet this boy lets name him Chris he was such a odd looking boy that played a card game called magic I was so scared to talk to him but he desided to talk to me cause he said I looked down and he wanted to draw on my arms we soon started seeing each other ever day at school even if we didn't have classes we just wanted to talk it got so intense very fast we started dating after about 2 weeks of talking and where I have had sex a lot be for him o wanted to but this very sweet boy told me if I loved him I would wait 3 months be for we had sex so we did it was alil longer then 3 months but anyway I fell so fast for him. in those months and didn't care about sex I didn't even know someone could be so sweet and loving and even tho I wasn't skinny and my body was so scared he still called me beautiful everyday long story short we got married are those 3 months and are going on our 3 year and he still sends me morning I love you messages over text even tho we are in the same house he is my one and only we may have fights every now and then but he understands that marriage has bounderys like he used to watch porn and I never did like it so now he dosent lol and he dosent like me doing outside work even tho my whole life I always have cuz of living on a farm so I don't and I'm ok with that now I get spoild and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.....I hope me telling my story might help a few lives much love this world needs more of it ❤