Would you use this and if so when?


I got this bottle at my baby shower. It’s from dollar tree so I already am skeptical about it’s quality but it’s Disney brand so I somewhat trust it. Would you use it? Also it doesn’t tell me how many months for the baby to use this. I know infants are supposed to use smaller bottles and bigger bottles are for bigger tummies, but I don’t know when exactly is a good time to start using bigger bottles. This one says 10oz on the bottle, but the label says 9oz. Like I said, sorta don’t trust it 🤔 what do you ladies think?

Update: I am planning to breastfeed, bottles will only be for when I’m not around for stored milk. All of our other bottles are very slow flow so that she will hopefully take bottle and nipple. I’m worried this one will be too fast, or simply that it’s cheap. I think I might junk it, or maybe keep it as a back up for when she’s a bit bigger if we’re desperate for a clean bottle or something