Am i pregnant? Pls read

I had unprotected sex about 9 days ago. My boyfriend pulled out but we didn’t use protection and I’m not on birth control. The past couple of days I’ve had cramping, similar to my period but I’m not supposed to start for another week or two. Also, I’ve been farting a lot more than usual and they smell bad. Ive been burping a lot too and when i burp, i have a little bit of vomit or stomach acid come up. This happens many times throughout the day. I have experienced some nausea. Also, my boobs have blue veins on them that weren’t there before. I have a blue vein around each nipple and a couple on my boobs. I’ve also had some mood swings and white, thick discharge with no odor.

Is it likely that I’m pregnant?

I monitor my periods and when i look back on glow, it shows i had sex all 3 days i was ovulating with him..