Work do's and dont's

Okay so today at work I had a soda on my lunch break used the restroom and went back to work, about 45 mins into being back I really had to use the restroom.. Im a cashier so I waited until all of the customers were out of my line and asked management if it would be alright (at this point I was one wrong movement from peeing myself, also should add I'm on my monthy so its nothing that needed to be announced) I was told no, I would have to wait until after work, I tried to be discrete to my manager and clue her in but she walked away from me. So at this point Im almost in tears still working my butt off about to pee my pants! My co worker spoke up and told my manager it wasn't right, EVERYONE could see I was upset. I tried to keep it together and an hour goes by and I am told to clock off (30 mins before my shift is over) and Im told to go home.. I dont know what to think. I have a feeling I will be talked to by my boss about this tomorrow and I feel as though this was not right, opinions would be very helpful! Should also add everyone else is able to use the restroom no questions asked when they want without issue.. why so different for me?

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