My puppy needs help!!! 😢

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Sorry ladies I don’t know what group to place this into...

So two days ago I took my malamute puppy to the groomers to get his nails trimmed, to be bathed, brushed out and to get his sanitary cut where they shave his pee pee area and bunghole.

When we picked him up we were pretty shocked with the amount of fur they brushed out of him. I mean they brushed the dog out of my dog!!

This picture doesn’t do justice with how much fur there was around the entire salon!

So we brought him home and I was just super in shock at how much fur they brushed out- I mean he went from looking like a healthy furry puppy to a raggidy super fine fur looking dog!

Couple days into his haircut and his little paw is red and swollen, he won’t stop licking it and he also won’t leave his pee pee alone. Pee pee is pussy and also swollen! We falls on his bum like smashes it onto the ground constantly! He didn’t sleep all night and the way he’s acting I feel like hes got things crawling all over him that’s how disturbed he is acting!

Is this normal?! Please help! I don’t know what to do for him. There aren’t any cuts or nicks on his pads or his pee pee. I’m so sad because he was completely happier before he was groomed!!

His little paw swollen and red

His irritated paw next to his other paw which is fine

Harley before

And now- he just looks so bald! When I touch him I feel like I’m touching his skin! Like he’s left with hardly any fur!!

This is his first time gettin groomed in his one year of life. I groomed him at home myself and bathed him and he’s been amazing.

Do you think this was good grooming? Is this normal?