is my boyfriend abusive?

today, we went to a concert. during that concert i was elbowed in the face multiple times so i pushed my boyfriend behind me with my butt lol and because of that he got elbowed in the back of his head. the WHOLE night he got mad and towards the end of the concert he actually began shoving me, on purpose. i finally snapped when he dug his elbow into my back. the whole walk to the hotel he didnt talk to me, and when we got back to the hotel room he was harsh. he was yelling at me, saying nasty stuff. i was trying to reassure him and i got up to walk to which bathroom he was in and he shoved me by my shoulders. when i stepped forward again, he grabbed my neck and shoved me and did that a few times. idk what to do think, I'm in a daze and part of me knows this is abuse, the other part of me is having a hard time accepting it.