I want to get JACKED. (Not really i just want to be strong as fuck)

Ok so i’m fat. I’m like somewhere between 275 and 265 idk. the last time i weighed myself a week or 2 ago i was 269 but my weight fluctuates alot. I’m very out of shape. I could run up a flight of stairs and breathe heavy. Not like out of breath and panting but my breathing does get heavier.

I dont think i can lift more than 70lbs. But like i want to be strong enough to squat and deadlift my weight. I also wanna be able to do pull ups but thats kind of a pipe dream given my weight and strength.

I don’t really know what to do. I’m scared to really try the weight section at the gym cuz i dont want to look dumb since i dont know what im doing and i dont wanna be like muscular i just want to be alot stronger and faster. And it annoys me that even though i never have time to eat more than 2 meals a day i’m still gaining weight. My diet isn’t super bad either. The worst thing i eat is probably Ramen noodles.

I guess basically what i’m asking is because i’m so fat should i drop the weight first and then start like lifting? Or should i do both simultaneously? I’ve been seeing alot of posts saying lifting is better than cardio but i dont really know if its better for me being that i’m fat.