First trimester weight gain


I keep reading about how no extra calories need to be added in first trimester, and how many women even lose weight at first because of morning sickness. I have certainly had my fair share of nausea but it seems to only hit me when I’m feeling empty, which is ALL the time! So eating is basically the only thing that helps. I’ve tried doing several light meals throughout the day but I’m finding carbs soothe my stomach the best. (Today I had a green smoothie at 8, a bowl of pasta at 11 after a workout, a chicken breast and veggies at 4, and 2 steak tacos with kidney beans at 7....and i may have snuck 2 chocolate chip cookies in there as well...)

How do I not become a whale with these symptoms? Is anyone else experiencing this or am I actually just being a fatty? I’m so nervous!