Cramps While Ovulating???


**No Birth control**

So I got wasted (beyond wasted) last night and had rough sex with my fiancé. Afterwards I went and took a hot shower and decided it was a good idea to turn off the hot water when I got out and shocked myself with the cold (lol). A couple hours after (not longer than 2) I started to feel pain near my vagina/small intestines/pelvic Area, as the night progressed between 2-4AM I ended up screaming and crying because of how bad the pain was. Keep in mind I’m in bed this entire time that I’m in pain. I didn’t dance or anything I was just sitting at home drinking with my siblings the only Semi-physical thing I did was lazy sex.

My pain level now is 5-7 out of 10 and earlier it was a HARD 10/10. I honestly haven’t felt this way since I had my daughter (naturally) 2 years ago.