Slight disappointment ❤️

So we went in for our anatomy scan at 18 weeks (Friday) started the u/s with the vaginal part checking out my uterus and other lady parts. While the tech was doing this I asked what position the baby's placenta was in, she replied anterior (never dealt. with this before)... I had a feeling because I wasn't feeling him like I had felt my other 3 kids only when he kicked/punched down below and when they tried to get his heartbeat with a Doppler it was nearly impossible. The rest of the u/s went on looking at him being ornery not wanting to hold still (being adorable of course) he's definitely a boy, healthy and 8oz. We couldn't be happier! However I guess it hit me the following day when I was thinking about it that it will be quite a few more weeks before my husband and my other kids can feel him on the outside, that I won't be able to feel him as much till closer to the end. Just made me kind of sad this is my last pregnancy (getting tubes tied). I wanted to have all the same things I did with my other 3. Now do not get me wrong I am happy and thankful he is healthy and ornery as he should be just a little disappointed that's how my memories of this pregnancy will be. However I get to see him kick and be stubborn in real life come July so I get the best of it all! ❤️ Have any of you mommas ever been in a similar situation?