Sex w/ SO after him drinking VS sober


My SO quit drinking months ago. When he did I realized a few things. He began to not last as long in bed, I mean we went from hours of sex to minutes. But I also noticed the sex felt sooo much better when he was sober, I can’t even explain it. It felt like I was way more sensitive to him when he was sober and just felt so much more, and I’d even still cum most times even if it was short. I didn’t realize how much better it felt fully until he drank the other night and we had sex. He lasted way longer than normal, but it was not as good. Maybe it’s because I knew he drank and we just weren’t on the same page ? (I’m pregnant and sober- and I don’t care that he drinks necessarily but he chose to cut it out completely when I got pregnant, he didn’t mention drinking again, but I’m not his mom so he didn’t exactly need to report it to me, but I could definitely tell he had been this night).

Anyone else experience anything similar?! Not sure if it’s a “problem” just yet or not, guess it depends how often he decides to pick up drinking again. But it does have me worried a little. Would love to hear some feedback!