No Ultrasounds at all


I recently came across a post about not having any US during pregnancy. I had never heard of this. With this being my second pregnancy but hopefully 1st baby I'm a little on the fence. with my first pregnancy I had several US but the first OB was an idiot who never let me see the screen. when I moved from AZ to NY he told me I was a little over 6weeks and there was a heartbeat. Got a New OB in Ny they requested the old doctors records and my baby had died at 5weeks my body just wouldn't pass it. So the OB in NY did a D&C; in October. The OB in NY said I should have been 11weeks. I am leaning toward no US because the fact I had 4 in AZ alone and by the 2nd one the baby was already dead but the doctor was not the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm just all over the place on this.