Won't See baby again until I know His/Her Gender 😣😔


Hi Moms! This is Baby #3 but the excitement is still the same as if baby #1. Anyway, I had issues at 6wks and went to the hospital. There they did an ultrasound and when I first met baby (Didn't get to take ultrasound pics home 😔). I had a follow up a few days later, no untrasound. I went today for my "official" appointment at 10weeks 6 days and got to hear the heart beat which was cool. But no ultrasound AGAIN 😩😩😩. I asked when I would get one and she said 18 weeks is the earliest because that's when they look at all the structures and determine the gender. Problem is, my next two appointments are at 16wk5days and 20wk6days. Maybe it's just my hormones but I'm bummed out. Saw Baby at 6wks and Won't see Him/Her until 20wks 😢😢