Guardian Angel?


I might turn this into a book lmao

I had a dream recently that confused me a lot. Basically, my family (they all looked normal in the dream.) hunted for monsters for a living, and caught a GORGEOUS looking angel. This guy had dreamy brown eyes and chocolate colored hair and a face SO SMOKIN HE COULD MELT IRON😍

Anyway, so my parents brought this angel back to the jail that was inside our house and locked him up. I started talking to him on the daily, and he was so sweet. One day i caught him trying to escape using a nail file... and it worked? I tried to talk him out of it, but instead he convinced me to run away with him

We escape from my house, and we meet up with a group of boys. (They were kinda like Peter Pan’s lost boys. They all had run away from home and only listened to the angel.)

The lost boys did not like me one bit. I remember thinking in the dream that it might be because they think i’ll steal the leader from them? Idk.

Anyway, me and this hunk from heaven slowly fall in love, and the lost boys eventually started to be my friends. We slept on the streets and ate whatever we could find. It was magical.

Then one day my phone was about to die. I snuck into my house to get a charger in the middle of the night. My mom woke up and saw me, and thats when it ended.

I remember my mom saying something, but it’s a bit fuzzy, and I woke up after that.

So... yeah. A little help finding out what that means?