Just found out I’m pregnant. Dunno if I should be happy or start finding an adoption agency because my boyfriend keeps changing his mind every day. One day I feel like a queen, the next day I feel like I’m completely worthless and like he doesn’t want to be with me. I’m hurting and he knows it. What the actual fuck am I supposed to do?

We’ve been together 5 months now and he always said he never wanted kids. Now that we know I’m pregnant, he says he’s actually happy and excited to have a baby. But other times he says he isn’t ready for it and he doesn’t know what to do.

He struggles with addiction and it’s hard on our relationship. He says he wants to quit and he does really try but he ends up doing it again. Sometimes I feel like I need to leave him because it’s never going to get better. He swears up and down that I’m good for him and that I give him a reason to stay sober. I have left him a few times and he’s sobered up.

I told him that if it keeps happening, I’m leaving for good and that I won’t let our child be raised in a place around that shit. I know how it feels to be raised around it and I REFUSE to put a child through it. I love him dearly but I really need advice on what to do.

He never does it around me, he always leaves to go do it. He won’t bring it around me. But he knows how badly it hurts me. He knows that my mother abandoned me and my brother when I was 16 and he was 12 to go do it. And I truly believes he wants to stop. Someone please give me some advice.