Older brother molested me when I was a little girl

I keep getting flashbacks I don’t want to remember this I never talked to anybody about it not even my husband because I’m embarrassed, my parents don’t know I’m scared to tell anybody I just wish I could forget 😞 he’s 3 yrs older than me and because of that growing up was really hard I was always depressed and drs would prescribe me medicine that never worked. Idk what to do anymore 😥

—Thank you guys for your kind words and I really want to talk to someone about it I’m 22 now this happened when I was 4 or under! I have a baby boy and another on the way things seem to finally be going good and yes everytime I hear someone got raped or molested I literally burst into tears because I know it’s something your never going to forget and it hurts 😢 my brother is now in jail for something he didn’t do! Is that his way of paying for what he did to me? I just feel like it’s too late now To say or do anything anyways.