My kid will not sleep. At all.

Okay so my 2 1/2 month old was doing SO good with napping. He was falling asleep with minimal fussing and sleeping for decent chunks without being bounced or laying on mom. He was on somewhat of a schedule and it never took more than half an hour for me to get him to sleep. But the last week he suddenly WILL. NOT. EFFING. SLEEP. I’ve been trying so hard to get him to nap but even today he’s taken like two half hour naps and that’s it. It’s been 3 hours since he last woke up from a nap and I’ll try setting him down to nap when he’s drowsy and it doesn’t work. So I’ll wait til he’s sound asleep — still doesn’t work. I’ve been trying for two hours now just to get him to sleep without laying on me and he yawns and drifts off so I know he’s tired but he just. Won’t. Sleep. One time he fell asleep for 9 minutes and then my dog woke him up. 🙄 I’m trying so hard to be consistent and be calm and soothing but I am so fed up I think I’ve set him down like 10 times and every time he cries after a minute of being down. Diaper is changed, he’s fed and swaddled, white noise is on, room is dark... the list goes on. I’m so tired and so over it. Please, someone give me some hope.