WTF I’m not your punching bag!!!

I broke up with my emotionally abusive ex fiancé back in November. We have a daughter together. I do not speak to him unless it’s about our daughter and I do not engage him in any drama. I haven’t even spoken to him in a month since the last time he contacted me it was to tell me he wants a weekend off from having his daughter (he only sees her on weekends). I told him he can switch days but he is still responsible for child care on his days. He then told me he hates me and I’m a half ass mom (even though I work from home full-time and take care of our daughter all week with no help). So I haven’t spoken to him since then and have only seen him briefly during drop off/pick up.

Today he texts me that his mom has cancer. Then he tells me that he had a CT scan and doctors are concerned that his sinus infection (which is chronic and has been for like a year now) is also cancer and he has surgery on Wednesday to determine whether it is or not. I tell him that I’m so sorry and that if he needs me, I’m here. Big mistake. I don’t know why I did it. He then lol’s me and tells me I’d be glad if he were 6 feet under and I don’t give a shit about him or his mom. Ummmm what? Like if that’s what you really thought, why are you even telling me? I just blocked him. I don’t know what else to do. He has used me as a punching bag for a long time now. I get that he’s scared, but I am so tired of being abused and just want peace.