My husband and I have been together 5 years, we have a perfect 4 year old boy and baby number two on the way, but lately I feel like my husband takes me for granted. Like I am more like a roommate/maid/nanny and less of a wife. I try talking to him about it but I can't talk to him about anything that actually matters or he gets snappy and mad. every day he goes to work then comes home and watches tv or plays video games until I get home. Every day I wake up get myself and my son ready, take him to school, go to work, pick him up, take the dogs out, do the dishes, cook dinner, get our son ready for bed, put him to bed and get up with him if he wakes up in the night (which is often). Tonight after dinner I said "honey, I would like you to start picking Ryker up from school" and his response.... "sure! I'll drive in the fucking rain and probably crash cause my fucking windshield wipers don't work" which then started an argument where I pointed out how he doesn't help out with the day to day and he somehow ended up the one pissed off. Most of the time we are great, we have the same goals (mostly) and I know he loves me, but I just want to be able to communicate with him about what I want or need without feeling like I'm a burden. And please don't say counseling, I have asked and he will not go.