Loving a man you find out is gay

Guys I don’t know how to feel right now. I recently found out my now ex boyfriend had been cheating on me with trans women. We of course broke up but I’m left here so confused. Everything felt so real he was always so loving to me and always told me he loved me and kissed me and we hung out almost every day. We even had plans to move out in a couple of weeks. I know what you’re all thinking I dodged a bullet better to know now but I seriously loved him and wasn’t ready to let go. It wasn’t something I would’ve done on my own choice if I never found this out. I can’t help but feel completely sad and that our whole relationship was a lie. Was I just a cover up? Or is there any way he could’ve had real feelings for me? I’m so confused and feel like I can’t get the closure I need to end this chapter. I’m so angry he didn’t tell me the entire time we were friends before dating or anything because I would’ve been fine being his friend we got along so perfectly and always had a good vibe together. I obviously forgive him because I know deep down he is really hurting he can’t be his true self without judgement. Is it possible to ever have a friendship again with someone you loved so much and planned your life with? 😞