Winning full custody?


So this might be a bit long ( pretty long ) and I'll try to break it up as I go to make it easier.

So this is actually about my sister who did get married just last year in April to her boyfriend who was going to go off to basic for military training. Not shortly after, she finds out shes pregnant. We're all happy, he seems good, her last boyfriend was abusive both of the mental and physical kind so he was excited she was pregnant, seemed ready to step up and be a dad and all.

I'll fast forward, she's due January of this year, he finished basic while she lives at home and works part time at her previous job, they move to Texas for his PT training and whatever after he's done. (Bare with me, I actually am not Military literate and this is all what I picked up from her and just taking it in.) She has the baby early and it's adorable little Dec. baby. All well except a few days in for some jaundice and they're out. πŸ’œ

Well me, my other sister, and our mom were going to go down and surprise her for Christmas week to New Years anyway so this was an all around win for us. πŸ™†

Well we keep it a secret but as the time comes closer, she seems to be getting a little more depressed/stressed when she talks to us in our group message chat or on the phone. Now this a huge move for her, she/we all are very family oriented and she has had mild depression before, still, she's rocking it down there and we are all proud.

We show up and she's excited and surprised, all is well. Well while we're there, we all notice just how little her husband is doing. I'm talking it was pulling teeth to have him come play a game with us and get his ass from the PlayStation. He doesn't feed his daughter, no changes, doesn't really hold her even. He would come home from PT training and kiss them maybe or whatever then sit down and be on it all over again.

There was one point my middle sister took her out so she could just get out after almost a month of being stuck home, and me and my mom and her husband stayed home with the baby. Well she starts to fuss and we let her for about a couple minutes. Me, being me, finally calls from the kitchen while we're playing cards. "Hey, your baby's crying." His response. "Oh, Is she?" ..... 😐 Nothing, doesn't get up, we don't hear him doing anything so we finally are like, okay, guess we will, damn. ( We have no problem and love her too death but we wanted to test him being home by himself basically. )

There were other little things, not even getting up to get food, just bitching about work and not even asking how they were at any point really, but we're gonna fast forward again.

We leave, sadness, February comes around this month and she actually comes up to visit with the baby because he's in Cali for a month for training on whatever he's trying to get into I guess? Well it comes out how useless he's been and being, he comes home, would ask what's for dinner and nothing else. She's relieved to be up here cause there's help and love and she's confused on how she wants to go about this now. They are young and a bit if an age difference. Her being 20, he's 27.

She starts talking about perhaps staying up here awhile, mostly for her own sake and it's depression, a break or whatever since he is doing his military thing, and it's like a flip switches on him. He starts basically saying she's never coming back? What did he do wrong? So she tells him, they had a long talk, she said she would come back at March 1st to see how he changes since he's promising such things, he had no idea.

Well her car breaks down up here and she says she doesnt know whats wrong yet, so she might be up here a bit longer, we'll see.

"So you're just staying up there?" Uhh no dude, she wasnt saying that. Yadda yadda, she tells him one day her depression was getting bad because of their arguing and she thought about cutting. ( She hasn't in a long time but that was her outlet then. ) His answer, 'awesome'. 😑 I'm freaking fuming by now, they get into it over the phone and she says she's basically done.

"No I don't want to come back down. This isn't working, I'm not happy."

"If you don't come back down, I'll just kill myself."

Now this is a tactic her ex used to use a lot and she had told him that. It triggered her and long story short she said she's done, wants a divorce or dissolution and he asked if that meant he should change his Facebook status and take of his ring then... πŸ’€πŸ‘Œ

Now she deactivated her Facebook cause his moms nuts and he's posting things like 'cant wait to hold my baby in my arms again' and is father of the freaking year. He told her he's going for joint custody and I'm telling you, the man wouldn't be able to even tell you what formula to buy (ps: she's lactose asshole ) or how to burp her.

She's screenshot a lot of his messages, one that even said ' Well if anything happens in the next few hours, just know I love you and her' etc, etc paraphrasing but basically saying he was going to kill himself there too.

He's still in Cali and tomorrow me and her are gonna drive the 17 hour trip to Texas and get everything we can then come right back. She's looking into lawyers and stuff but I just was looking for opinions here and if anyone has been through the same or similar for all information we can get. He also wants to claim her on his taxes cause he was 'head of household last year and she didn't really work.'

Sorry it's long, just wanted to put in what information I could. Do you think she can get full easily and would they have to be in court down there or can we do it in our home state? He's coming up on the 15th of March to see his daughter because he's awesome and misses her or whatever, so we'll see. πŸ˜’