advice plssss desperate


okay so im currently on diane ED (the birth control pill) and i initially went on it to regulate my periods and especially to clear my skin. ive definitely had acne prone skin over the years ( im 17 ), not terrible but enough to make me self conscious. my acne has definitely calmed down a fair bit but over the past few months it’s been flaring up a lot, mainly around my chin area. i went to the doctors today about it and she told me that i should stop taking the sugar pill and just not get my period for a few months so my hormones settle. has anyone done that and has it worked? also i was thinking if this tactic doesn’t work, i want to go on doxicycline or monoxycyline. please give me some tips and advice or if you’ve tried any or these and if they’ve worked. keep in mind, i keep my skin super clean, have a very healthy diet so it’s not a factor of anything but hormones xxxx