Demonic dream? Woke at 3am..


I was dreaming that I was in someone’s house with a priest doing an exorcism..

The demon showed itself and it wasn’t proportionate.. the neck was crooked and head mishapen and all black.. it was creeping towards us from the doorway and the priest was too scared and froze..

So I started yelling “get out demon, get out in the name of God!” But I knew that it wasn’t working because I couldn’t remember (in my dream) what to say to get it to leave.. I was expecting priest to do it but he wouldn’t?

So I took off running to a neighbors house where the demon followed me.. I then woke up in reality.. looked at the clock and it was 3am to the second.. what does this mean?..

I’m 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow.. I’m scared this is an omen or negative spirit contacting me.. could it be possible it’s just a strange dream n woke at a strange time?.. creeped out!