Help please

So a week ago my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he tried pulling out and I kinda resisted. But he’s sure he didn’t come in. But I woke up this morning and I see blood on my panties(dark red-brown) it can’t be period because I was done last week. I tried methods to stop the pregnancy(in case) like I had cinnamon and vitamin C. Do you think there a chance that I might be pregnant? My boyfriend says it should be pink and also he fingered me yesterday which wasn’t good(it hurt a bit). I will be getting the test soon. Please give a solution, thank you so much.

Update: the test was negative and I’m still bleeding. Am I on my period again? Because I’ve been stressed as fuck this week.

Also I cannot access emergency contraceptive pills because of the country I live in(sex before marriage is not allowed, if I were to be pregnant I would be in jail and deported)