Baby Reagan 💕

Taylour • Mom, wife, blessed life

Finally I can tell my birth story! My little girl tried to make an appearance on Valentine’s Day and when the dr came in to break my water they decided it’s best to keep her in since I was 35 weeks they gave me steroid shots and magnesium for 3 days to slow contractions but after all that my contractions only slowed to 4-10min apart and I was sent home that Friday night by Saturday morning I was still having contractions but decided to keep going with the day and got the nursery ready. At about 3am Sunday morning I was in so much pain I knew it was time we made it to hospital dilated to a 5 within 30 min I got the epidural and was rechecked and told it was time to push. I pushed for an hour and a half before little miss Reagan made her appearance, she was a very healthy baby and got to stay with me in the room and came home when I did. She’s now being treated at home with light therapy for jaundice but other than that we are both home and happy. Now I gotta show her off, here’s some pics😊💕🎀