Am I losing him, or am I becoming self-centered and needy?

We went through a break (up) recently and he went out on a date with someone else. Says nothing happened and wants to get back together. However, I’ve turned into this needy person and really the whole date thing shook me hard, considering she’s someone from work and he does work a lot, since always. So he came back from a business trip, tired, hungry, exhausted. Gave me a kiss and a hug and said he had to eat. After that he said, hm you should be in bed by now, you look tired. We live together. You guys, I felt like he had moved on or liked her or she was on that trip. When we dated he’d come back home and like rip my clothes off. I was daydreaming about that, waiting for him to come home and instead i felt like we’ve been married for 50 years. So I mentioned to him, like why are you like this, distant and cold. And he got upset and said he may get fired and lose his work visa and he was expecting my support and how he hadn’t eaten since 12.30 that day and was exhausted. I kept on insisting he was different and he tried having sex then but it was really bad, like I could tell he was tired. Then it got awkward, we both knew it was bad. Then he said I became too needy and I never was, and this whole discussion over and over again is unhealthy and that we should take time apart. Do you think he is being this way for a reason or am I making this about myself instead be there for him during this rough time. I feel horrible for the whole thing. Not sure what to do. I bought him his favorite dessert and left it in the fridge with a post in on it saying - I’m sorry ❤️