Please help!


Okay, so my fiance and I have been TTC for awhile now with no luck. I'm almost 27 and have NEVER been on any birth control. We're always getting our hopes up and I always end up starting my period. So with that being said, I was supposed to start Tuesday (the 20th of feb) which would be 4 days late today and I've had no period symptoms which is rare but I'm really not trying to get my hopes up. My fiance wants me to test and see but I think it's too early still. Can anyone give me some advice on when I should test? Also, him and I keep going back and forth on what time of day to take a test lol. I always thought morning was best but he thinks anytime of day should work. • I also am new to the "terms" everyone uses lol so bare with me. I'm not sure what any of them mean lol. ●UPDATE● So I took a shower and when I got out I had to pee, when I wiped there was blood 😭😣 Ugh