Sneak Peek Gender DNA test

Jenn 🤰💟💙🍼 *Twins due mid July* In love already

Hi ladies! So my insurance eould bot cover the gender blood test being that I'm not 35 :( We can find out the gender via ultrasound at around 16 weeks, but I dont fully trust ultrasound, because my sister in law had been told she was having a girl, and threw a baby shower and received all girl things, and found out the ultrasound tech made a mistake, and it was a boy. We will use ultrasound as confirmation, but my husband and I just purchased the Sneak Peek gender DNA blood test through Amazon, and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the kit. Its expensive, but they promise 99% accuracy, and 100% money back guarantee if wrong. We cant wait to do the test. Anyone ever try it? Thanks! We are excited to get it in the mail!