Hubby won’t get sperm looked at

My second husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 14 months. My first marriage resulted in two pregnancies and healthy babies - got pregnant LITERALLY the first time and my ex had a 3.5” fire hose so I’m pretty damn fertile. I went to my doc for a check up and speak about it, she gave me the physical, and said I look super fertile and that hubby needs to get checked out.

He insists he comes from a long line of fertile men and that we just don’t have our timing right. 14 months in a row. With confirmed OPK, BBT, and CM monitoring.

Any advice on what I can tell hubby to convince him to fill a cup for the doc?

Please don’t say it’s gods will, I’m a holy rolling atheist and am happy if that gives you comfort but it’s of zero help to me.