Information people should know

I see so many posts on here over and over with information that I feel we should know as women.

I’m not a professional, but going through infertility, doing research and working as an ER nurse for a while I want to share some things.

• the average, healthy couple takes a year to conceive. Yes, there are some women that conceive faster, but trying for a year is average before getting help.

• not everyone’s cycle is the same and your fertility days on this app may not actually be your fertile days. Your cervical mucus tells you a lot. Look for egg white like mucus and that is around your fertile period. Also, take lh home strips to see when you have the lh surge. Don’t just go off this app.

•vaginal bleeding is not a reason to go to the ER. Unless you are hemorrhaging... saturating multiple pads an hour, you probably shouldn’t go in. The ER will refer you to see your OBGYN unless it’s an immediate emergency.

•going to the ER for an STD is NOT appropriate. Follow up with a primary doctor, OBGYN, or there are city places that will test and treat you.

•if your period is late and you have negative tests just relax. Your stress may be causing your period to be late, or you need to retest in another week. PMS and early pregnancy symptoms can be very similar. Also, if you have something like pcos your cycle could be very long in between periods.

•if you don’t want to get pregnant but want to have sex, get on birth control! The pull out method doesn’t always work! If you don’t want to use condoms, you can get birth control at places like planned parenthood. And yes pre cum, can get you pregnant.

•a lot of women can’t have an orgasm from sex only. You aren’t broken haha just probably need some clitoral stimulation!

• when taking a home ovulation test, the second line must be as dark or darker to be positive! As I get more egg white cervical mucus, I test twice a day.

•just by listing symptoms we unfortunately can’t tell you if you are pregnant or not. Everyone is different!

•please don’t go to the ER to find out who your baby daddy is😂 they can’t do that.

• in the unfortunate case you are having a miscarriage, there is not much medical professionals can do. We can’t stop what your body is doing :(

•LAST thing I have to say!! Be respectful and kind to other women no matter what their fertility status is. Infertility is the hardest thing these women will probably ever go through. Being a single mom will be so hard. Having multiples will be hard. We all need a little encouraging from others!

I hope this helps someone out ❤️