Am I asking too much?

Okay so we live in a small two bedroom home, our spare room is full of my husbands junk. He collects everything and anything related to his sports teams. He literally has a 7 year old chocolate bar from Notre Dame, and countless beer packs that have sports teams on them. We also have 3 TVs in there, THREE!!! And we’re never in that room.

We are TTC our first baby and this room will be our nursery. It still needs the wallpaper taken down, painted, and light fixtures replaced. I had mentioned to him today that I want to get started on cleaning that room out and getting it ready to be a nursery because I really don’t want to be hauling furniture and ripping down wallpaper when I’m pregnant. I’m not asking him to throw his stuff out, I told him we will put it in storage until we buy a bigger home and he can have a man cave.

He responds with so much drama saying that he doesn’t want to put it in storage because it’s going to get ruined, and he’s just going to throw it all out. Then he says that I won’t have to do anything with that room when I’m pregnant because he’s going to be doing it all 😒 which I know is bullshit because I’ve been asking him to do something with all his junk for months now. I’ll end up being the one to do it all and it’s just so annoying.