Liam as a nickname for William even though my cousins sons actual name is Liam?

About 7 years ago my cousin was pregnant and asked me what names I thought was cute for her baby.. my dumbass blurted out how I LOVE the name Liam for a boy and since my bfs name is William i would call my future son Liam for short. Fast forward 5 months later she has the baby and named him LIAM!! I wasn’t really that mad I was like 19 years old in college with children no where on my mind. He’s the greatest kid ever. But, now here I am 25 years old been TTC for 17 months with the same bf I had back then, Willie. This month will be 10 years together 💕. Well he and I have always said we would name our first son after him. Well now the whole Liam thing is a problem 😭 she’s my first cousin so it’s not like our kids won’t know eachother and my bf is already named Willie and I realllly don’t want to end up calling him “daddy” so our kids aren’t confused growing up but I can’t call him Liam either apparently. I brought it up to my sister a few weeks ago and she was like “if u call your son Liam it looks like your stealing Amanda’s sons name” 😑😣😒 I’m not even pregnant yet but this bothers me. I know Liam in general is like super duper popular but I feel like if I would of NEVER said the name to her she wouldn’t of named him that and my future sons nickname wouldn’t be off limits to ME!

Sorry, I kinda went on a rant there lol

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