Body Hair


so honestly I grow out all of my hair. I dont shave, maybe ocassionly my lrgs cause I like em smooth sometimes. Anyway, I love my hair, my curly bush, I love my armpit hair, it took so long to grow out after years of scraping it away only to leave ragged, bumpy and ingrown hair ridden spots. It makes me feel like me. Ive been in a relationship for 4 years with a man that loves my hair. but he met me when I was shaving so he already loved me before I became a sasquatch. Im not in that relationship anymore as of a couple months ago and I am starting to try dating. I keep hitting a roadblock and have been for a while where Im nervous to wear the clothes I like, because Im afraid people will stare at my hair and be put off. Which I feel has happened. I mostly stopped shaving for my health and my skin, especially my pubic area. Anyway Im just not sure how to get around this insecruity, my hair is black and long and I love it but most guys Ive met are put off by it which is their right to not be into hair. Just like most ladies are. I just dont know what to do cause I dont want to give into beauty norms and my insecurities. But I also want to wear the clothes I like without feeling self concious everywhere I go. Im conflicted.