Help pls


Today I got so pissed off at the guy I like bc he kept on accusing me of popping his locker open when I didn't my friend did. He said "I told you not to pop my locker open again." I said "I didn't." he said "Then why is my locker open." I said "because someone popped your locker open but I swear it wasn't me." he said "if you seen who popped my locker open then who was it." I said "I'm not telling you because I don't want her to get in trouble." he said "well if your not going to tell me who did it then I have to blame you." I said "but it wasn't me!" he said "well you three girls are over here." I said "it wasn't me though." he said "I still think it was you." I said "shut the fuck up!" then my friend Gabby had enough and said "stop accusing her of doing it when you have no proof." he said "she told me she did it in a note." she said "that wasn't today. do you have any prove that she did it today?" he said "well uhhhh no." she said "well you shouldn't be accusing her." then he was talking to me and my two friends and said "you know we have one of these for a reason." as he was pointing to his locker and his two friends Gavin and Ava were by him when I said this but I said "shut the fuck up!" again and all three of them were standing there laughing at me. why does a boy care about you one day (yesterday he was caring that I was mad at him and I guess he asked his friend Ava to ask me why I was mad at him) then the next day he wants to purposely make you mad????? and everyone keeps on telling me that he likes me and that he does stuff like this to get my attention btw I'm thirteen and I'm already dealing with this drama and im sick and tired of it.

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