Praying for sticky baby!


Update: I'm technically 3 days late but haven't tested. My stickiness was jist over a week ago so if that's when I got preggo it's too soon to test. The last few days thpugh I have had super sensitive nipples and one actually hurt a cpuple days! I also had lower back pain for a few days. Both symptoms of ABFP but also could be period signs 😩but usually the lower back pain is floowed with AF the same day amd that didn't happen SO.........still waiting! TTC over 35, PCOS, and overweight for 10 months. I'm sure there's something else stacked against me that I'm forgetting! well ladies, I think tonight was the night!! I went to the bathroom and there it was....what we're waiting for....that sticky raw eggwhite stickiness! OVULATION!!! I had to wait an hour for the kid to go to sleep and to wake up hubby but we did it! I think we made junior tonight!! Although it wouldn't be a jr! LOL! This will be my 2nd and hubbys first! and this is how I got pregnant with my first. Saw the egg white stickiness and did it! Praying for sticky baby!