life after miscarriage


well ladies Hi i am new to the group i had a miscarriage august 2017 . It was the worst experience ever :( i have one boy who is 8 ...i have been trying to have another baby for 6 years and nothing so when i saw the positive i was over the moon ā¤ my husband was so happy...and we announced to everyone with a cute post of our boy holding a picture announcing his new title as a big brother :( i think the hard part is letting everyone know and having to take it back šŸ’” i went to the doctor took a test ..confirmed and made all my future appointments. My sons birthday is in August...and the day before his actual bday we decided to celebrate early and take him to dinner...we never made it...i started getting strong cramps and confirmed my worst fear...i was bleeding . We went to the E.R right away played the waiting game..they did and ultrasound and blood draw. After what seemed an eternity the doctor came in she was extremely rude...the first thing she says to me WHO TOLD YOU YOUR PREGNANT? I LOOKED AT HER IN SHOCK AND REPLIED UMMM MY PCP SAID MY TEST CAME BACK POSITIVE. Well after saying that question really rude she said well we saw nothing in the ultrasound but your hcg level is high so its a chemical pregnancy baby never made it to uterus just plain and simple go back to your pcp and they will explain. i went home heartbroken even if it was never in my uterus ..i was attached and full of joy when i,knew. it has been difficult since then to find joy in trying i am so scared ...i don't want to go through this but i do because i want another baby . ladies who have had miscarriages how do you move on how long does it take ..