Tdap vaccine and family members


So my brother lost his job and doesn’t currently have insurance to help cover the Tdap/whooping cough/tetanus vaccine that my doctor is suggesting everyone gets who plans to spend time around the baby. He asked if wearing a mask is an option, but I’m assuming it is best if he just doesn’t hold the baby for the first month? This is a hard thing to tell him and his wife, especially since this is the 8th baby in my family and no one else has really enforced this. I feel like my brother can hold baby as long as he isn’t sick, and a mask would be great and an extra precaution. My husband on the other hand feels strongly about no one touching the baby unless they have had the vaccine, and wants no other kids around for at least the first month. I want to do the right thing, but also don’t want to be a crazy first time parent. What are your doctors telling you about this vaccine?