Am I being crazy?

My boyfriends current job sucks like really bad it’s horrible hours, pay, and work environment we made a deal that he could call in last night if he went to this different place to put in application and they will usually find a job for you within a week. Well that didn’t happen today. I reminded him a couple times to do it, his brother got kicked out of his bm’s house so we had to take him to get an apartment and then my boyfriend started falling asleep on the couch I kept waking him up and eventually 5pm rolls around and he never went to fill out the job application. Well now I’m fucking mad. Why say that you’re gonna do something and not do it. But once I was mad he started getting mad at me saying how hurtful it is to throw not working in his face and blah blah blah how he asked for me to cook for him earlier and I said no and that when he asks for his back rubbed I tell him that I will do it and then never do and tried to use that as an excuse? Like what? So I eventually just started feeling bad for being mad and then crying because it’s so frustrating. Like I’m not wrong for being mad right? We had a deal and he didn’t uphold his end so it’s fair that I’m mad. Me cooking or rubbing his back doesn’t pay the bills so those aren’t valid arguments. Now we’re both just sitting in the house mad but like I’m not wrong. I feel crazy or something.