32 Weeks Today


I'm 32 Weeks today, and I'm so ready for the day to see our little blessing. We tried for 6 years and was told it would not happen for us. I had surgery to remove my left ovary in June. we found out at the end of August we were having a baby.

We have picked a name: Spencer Roderick. Spencer because we both love Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and Roderick in honor of my grandfather.

He finished the nursery. Our baby shower is scheduled for later this month by my cousin and aunt. My cousin's wife did our maternity photos.

We are ready! May 4th, hurry up! (May 4th is my due date and the last day with children at work. I'm a preschool teacher).

Went to labor and delivery yesterday with cramping and back pain. 6 hours. 6 long and annoying hourd, listening to one woman DEMAND lab work and say she knows what's best for herself because her blood pressure was high when she checked it herself. (Her blood pressure was normal.)

6 hours pass, and I have a wonderful nurse. I found out that I am 1cm dilated. Now, we all know you can stay at 1cm for WEEKS. My assistant (who happens to be new. Yesterday was only her 4th day and I left her in class to spend 6 hours in the hospital.) is begging me to stay until the end of the year.

My husband and I have discussed going on leave in maybe 2 weeks if the cramping continues and/or if I dilate more. Quick question: what would you do?