Birth story time!! (Sorry it’s long!)

Chelsea • Proud mom ttc#2!!

Scheduled induction feb 15th at noon. I had my 39 week ultrasound/NST/dr checkup that morning, and got the final Ok to head to L&D; at noon. Got checked in, pitocin started at about 1:30pm. Everything was going smoothly, started out at 1cm dilated on admission. Dr came in around 530 to break my water (had to get the 1st 2 doses of antibiotics). So far pain wasn’t too bad, was sitting playing cards with my husband and mother in law to distract me. Finally needed the epidural around 10, took about an hour before anesthesia came in. By that point I was in so much pain I threw up (only once thank goodness). Worked like a charm, pain free almost instantly. Was only 2cm dilated after the epidural.

Nurse let me rest a while, came back to check me around 1:30am. She said I was 5cm, but baby’s heart rate wasn’t liking the contractions, so she helped me turn on my left side. She immediately turned me back, hit the call button asking for more nurses and the dr to come in. She put an oxygen mask on me at that time. At this point my husband woke up from the noise to see me lying there freaking out with the oxygen on me. Dr made it in the room by the 1:45, checked me and said I was 10cm. He likes to let his patients labor down for a while, so less pushing.

By 2:30 I was repeatedly telling them I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, so they set everything up to start pushing. They also had the NICU nurses come in, because on the ultrasound it looked like his cord was wrapped around his neck. Once I started pushing it only took 8minutes for my beautiful baby boy to join this world at 3:01 am :) The cord was not around his neck, but the nurses did have to help him take a couple breaths. After that he did just great!

As scary as the last couple hours of labor were, he was totally worth it, and I’m already trying to convince my husband we need just one more ;) my OB is retiring in 18 months, and I told him we need one more delivered by him before then (we have 2 boys now).