IUD after C-Section


I’m 10wk PP and got an IUD but in at 9wk PP. I am also exclusively BF/pumping.

I spotted and had cramps that first day and the following day after it was put in.

A week later it appears I’m either spotting or having my first period after baby. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I also tried to wear a tampon today and it was the MOST painful experience getting it out. My husband and I haven’t tried having sex again, after the tampon experience the thought of sex and pain scares me.

Is this normal? Does the spotting = period? Im exclusively breastfeeding/pumping at work. I’m not sure how BF effects your period if you have an IUD. I thought BF was supposed to delay your period for a few more months. I’ve always had a very strong and regular period. I wasn’t on BC for about a year prior to conceiving and my LO is now 10 Weeks.

Just super curious and obviously if I’m super concerned I will call a dr.