Nose piercing help

Hey girls, my nose piercing got a little infected and I was wondering how you can tell if it’s starting to heal? The area around the piercing is turning white and pus has stopped coming out for 2 days now and it’s tender. I clean it with sea salt water and antibiotic cream. Before, it was all crusty and a lot of pus. I did get a bump inside and out a week ago tho and got rid of those overnight. But it’s like ever since those bumps have went down I still have a little hole beside my piercing which is red. But overal what does the white tissue mean and does this sound like its healing? And btw, it still gets a LITTLE crust which I soften with the salt water and remove with a q-tip. And also, I have a kind of bigger piece of jewelry in and the top of the the jewelry has sunken a bit which makes the piercing look flat, which people said because the swelling went down