Oh baby!


After 64 hours in the hospital being monitored and treated for Preeclampsia, the doctor's finally started my induction. It took about 5 hours to really get labor started. First, we got stalled breaking my water because baby girl had moved up, then my IV blew and it took so long to find a good vein we had to start Pitocin all over at 1. We finally got to good solid labor and I requested my epidural, which was always part of my plan. They sent a nurse anethetist. She couldn't quite find the right spot and called the lead anesthesiologist. While he was headed up, she tried again. She scraped my bones repeatedly on both attempts, but just kept going even when I asked her to stop. The anesthesiologist got it in one stick and it worked beautifully! I could still feel pressure and move my legs freely, just no pain. Exactly what I wanted. An hour later I was ready to push! So induction took 11 hours total. I pushed for about 8 minutes and I was holding my beautiful baby girl!

I have to say, other than back pain from the 2 failed attempts at epidural, I feel GREAT! I was walking after 2 hours, able to use the bathroom right away... I am blown away by how good I feel.

Welcome to the world Bobbi Sue Viktoria! 7lbs 6 oz of pure perfection!

Named after:

My father, Bobby Gene. A single dad of 5, foster parent, EMT, registered nurse, and certified specialist in the care of persons with developmental disabilities. A man who dearly treasured his grandbabies. We lost him to hepatocellular carcinoma almost 2 years ago.

My grandma, Peggy Sue. A woman who, even in a time when it was frowned upon, worked to make sure her family had what they needed; taught me that women are just as strong, if not stronger than men. My mother figure when my mother abandoned my family. My secondary care provider. We lost her to cancer when I was 12. I am in the pink shirt.

And my husband's step mom Vikki. A woman who doesn't believe the word "step" means anything less than family; who welcomed me as though I had always been her daughter. The biggest emotional supporter I have had in my adult life. (No picture as she is living and has not given permission.)

I hope my daughter pulls strength from those who gave her her name.