Scared, I won't get my old body back


I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant and I sometimes look back on my pictures when I took boudoir photos and I look back on the sexy outfits that I used to wear and I think to myself would I be able to bounce back with my body? and would I love the new body that I'm going to have after having a baby?. I know some people say I should love my body regardless but it's just something I've been thinking off ,because pregnancy really changes a lot of things from your body to your mindset and I'm just afraid that I would miss my whole body and I'm afraid I will still have baby weight and lots of stretch marks and feel insecure. I've already had body issues before and I slowly came over it, but now that im pregnant and watching my beautiful son grow I sometimes get anxious on how bigger I'm going to look with my belly. And life after a baby